Roaming Dog Befriends Strangers On His Adventures Away From Home

Not all who wander are lost, just ask Dew the dog.

Tyler Wilson, 19, encountered the owner-less Dew hanging at a gas station in Kentucky and discovered — upon closer inspection — that he wasn't lost at all.

Tyler and Dew
credit: Tyler Wilson

"I smiled so hard my eyes started watering," he told Buzzfeed after sharing the viral photos of his encounter. "It was just so cute. It was like a movie."

Dew in the gas station
credit: Tyler Wilson

The Labrador lives on a farm with 70 acres of land, but his adventurous spirit leads him to venture outside his home to places like the gas station nearby.

Dew's tag lets people know he's not lost
credit: Tyler Wilson

His supportive family fully embraces his wandering ways and designed a tag to let those he meets along the way know he's not actually lost. "My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home," it reads.

Dew chillin' in the gas station
credit: Tyler Wilson

This isn't his first friendly encounter cause as it turns out he's a local celeb with his own social media accounts.

From friendly neighborhood ladies who cook steak and cheeseburgers for him to his buddies at the firehouse who take him on rides, it's safe to say Dew is never without a friend while venturing out on his own.

His mom, Mandey Lee, describes him as a “family farm dog” and says he never misses a meal.

Regardless of where he roams he's always homeward bound and, his family assures, he's chipped and has a GPS tracker.

As for Tyler, he told The Dodo he'll be visiting Dew soon.

Dew may be an independent travel luster but he's winning hearts every step of the way.