"Bionic Cat" Makes History With Groundbreaking Surgery

Surviving as a stray cat in Bulgaria has got to be tough, especially if you only have your front two paws.

Pooh, meaning fluff in Bulgarian, was living the bachelor life out on the street until he got into a car accident that caused him to loose both hind legs. The charity Let's Adopt Berlin swooped in and took the injured feline to a nearby animal clinic.

Instead of giving Pooh a new set of wheels or euthanizing him, one veterinarian surgeon, Vladislav Zlatinov, thought he could do better. After studying the groundbreaking work of Irish neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, who previously attached permanent prosthetics to a cats ankle bone in Britain, Dr. Zlantinov thought he could recreate the surgery and do the same for Pooh.

After several surgeries to save the upper portion of Pooh's legs and having custom titanium prosthetics made, it was time to give the operation a shot. Pooh's now has two new metal legs and can run, jump, and play like a normal kitty once again. He even tries to groom them.

Dr. Zlantinov became the first person to successfully perform the surgery in all of continental Europe and has since helped numerous other cats.

Hopefully we can convince them to join a metal band and perform a thank you concert for Dr. Zlantinov because there's nothing more punk rock than a bunch of cats with metal legs.

The 6 million Dollar cat

Pooh, the Bulgarian bionic cat is back on his paws again.

Posted by DW Environment on Monday, February 6, 2017