13 Dogs Whose Jobs Are More Important Than Yours

There are maybe four professions for humans that are truly important. If you're in a line of work where you save lives — either directly or indirectly — this article does not apply to you, and I am sorry I made you read the title. This article is not for doctors or immigration lawyers. It is an article for the rest of us; the millennials who work for the internet in some capacity and have enough downtime at work that they are reading this article.

dog in a tie and glasses
credit: Imgur

These are dogs whose jobs are far more important than yours.

1. Sweatshirt Model

This fashionable fido is on the cutting edge of sweatshirt couture, helping customers everywhere answer the question "which hoodie should I buy?" The answer is: green.

2. Backpack Checker

This dignified dog checks backpacks to make sure they contain enough treats and blankets. God bless our boys in backpacks!

3. Snow Plow

Good luck clearing your driveway without this guy.

4. Leaf Guardian

Puppy with a leaf in its mouth
credit: Imgur

This precocious pooch keeps all leaves safe by carrying them around in his important mouth.

5. Ice Cream Tester

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I don't have to explain why this job is important.

6. Quality Assurance: Tiny Wagon Department

Without this loafy fellow, how would we make sure our wagons are cute enough to compete in today's market?

7. Scientist

This scientist carefully testing the contents of his beakers is enough to inspire anyone to go into the STEM field.

8. Satellite Dish

Huge thanks to this conical cutie for enabling us to watch TV.

9. Protector of the Small

If you own a motley assortment of parakeets, finches and a hamster, it's basically required that you hire a floofy dog to keep them safe.

10. Hot Dog Holder

Where would we be without a place to set our hot dogs down?

11. Professional Swimmer

Swim on, you crazy diamond.

12. Cat Hugger

The ideal cat hugger is someone who knows when the cat needs a hug, even if she herself doesn't know it.

13. Accountant

If you know anything at all about financial literacy, you know that the first step is to put your finances into the hands of a capable dog.

Did we miss any VERY IMPORTANT dog jobs? Let us know in the comments.