20 Fashionable Animals With Heart Patches Who Know All About Love

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Perhaps the most difficult thing about Valentine's Day is finding an outfit that gives a nod to the iconic heart symbol, that ​also​ looks effortless.

We asked these animal "fashion experts" for advice, and they unanimously suggested growing a heart patch somewhere in your fur/feathers.


Video of the Day

1. This puppy recommends putting a heart patch right there on your forehead.

2. This bunny likes to make people think "is that heart patch shaved in there?" and then assure them it's natural.

3. This corgi agrees with that first puppy, ya can't go wrong with a forehead heart patch.

4. This cow agrees with the corgi.

5. This cat thinks a black heart patch with an orange and white background is the way to go.

6. This dolphin advises that if you're going to get a heart patch, make sure it's waterproof.

7. This puppy says to check with your brothers and sisters to make sure they're not wearing a heart patch that day.

8. This dog swears by a heart patch right in the middle of your belly.

9. This giraffe insists that you hide your heart patch, maybe somewhere on your lower neck.

10. This cat offers up the option to have two pieces of a heart patch squished together.

11. If you want your date to fall in love with you, you gotta put a heart patch right between the ol' eyes.

12. This dog who says a heart on your side is slimming.

13. This owl who prefers a bunch of hearts, all over the belly.

14. This owl likes heart patches on her back. It's the same idea basically. You get it.

15. This cat gets a fun surprise whenever she throws her head back to sneeze.

16. This cat likes to keep her heart patch in her ear for safekeeping.

17. This dog admittedly got carried away, but says anywhere on your back is a fine place for a heart patch.

18. This beagle chimed in to say if you're doing a heart patch, the nose is where it's at.

19. This bunny agreed.

20. And these dogs all but decreed, if you're serious about Valentine's Day, you simply must have a heart patch on your nose.


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