Corgi Garbed In A Propeller Hat Is Living His BEST Life

He lives in San Francisco with his humans, who take him on all sorts of cool adventures, such as climbing nearby hills.

They also like to outfit him with fun accessories including hankerchiefs and — STOP! EVERYTHING! — propeller hats.

Because he's a very chill doggo, Cooper is at ease being the center of attention.

Case in point: The video embedded below, in which he scrambles atop a rocky outcropping and holds a fabulous pose long enough for his people to document the moment.

In the description attached to the video, they note that:

"We bought Cooper (the corgi) a propeller hat and on a windy evening, we hiked to Corona Heights in San Francisco to catch the sunset. It was a windy evening but the sunset made for an amazing backdrop while the wind helped made the hat spin. Cooper jumped on the rock himself as it was two feet off the ground and stayed there with the hat on."

When he's not modeling chic fashions against breathtaking cityscapes, Cooper is living his best life in other ways.

Like unwinding after a ruff day at work.

Going to PRIDE...

Sleeping in a tent like a frickin' boss.

Face it, you may be cool but you'll never be as cool as Cooper is in a propeller hat.

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