Woman’s Dying Wish Was A Birthday Bash For Her Dog

They say that everything is bigger in Texas — and birthday parties are no exception.

That's the story out of Pittsburg, Texas, a city of 5,000 about 127 miles east of Dallas, where friends and family came together to celebrate the 20th birthday of a beloved dachshund, Wheezy Anne.

Like any good bash, this one came complete with a lavish spread including party hats, feather boas, and cake.

There were even frosted cookies baked in the shape of dog bones and paw prints.

While the pomp and circumstance might seems frivolous to some, it held a deeper meaning for Wheezy's human, Pattie McClung.

The East Texas woman revealed on Facebook that the 20-year-old dog had been rescued from a puppy mill and subsequently re-homed with McClung's mother, where Wheezy was treated to fried chicken and steak strips for several years.

The duo were said to be "inseparable", but that bond was broken after the elder McClung fell ill (writer dabs eyes after reaching for tissues).

Before passing away, she asked her daughter to care for the pup — an obligation the younger McClung takes seriously to this day.

In an interview with KLTV 7, McClung had this to say:

"The very last thing my mom said to me was, 'Please promise me you'll take good care of my little Wheezy,' " McClung says. "I told her, 'Mother, you don't have to worry. I will take such good care of that little dog.' And I've tried very hard every day since."

Honored guests at the shindig included neighbors, friends, and family — and a gaggle of rescue dogs!

The center of attention was, naturally, none other than the birthday girl herself. According to McClung, Wheezy greeted all of the attendees, both human and canine, personally.

"She is such a little diva. … Every time the door rang she would go running to the door."

Because it wouldn't be a party without some candids, we leave with this touching shot of Wheezy and McClung. Here's to the next 20 years, you two!

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