Chubby Bunny Put On Diet After Being Mistaken For A Dog

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You guys, we've heard of chubby bunnies but this is ridiculous.

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Meet Zeus, a rabbit that weighs in at a whopping 14 pounds. For context, this is about twice as much as most pet rabbits weigh. You want more context? Zeus basically weighs as much as your average 1-year-old child.


Zeus and his companion, Nala, were rescued by their person Sharon Close of Leicester, England five years ago, when they were abandoned in a freezing park. Since becoming Sharon's bunny, Zeus has packed on the pounds.

Though not as far gone as her companion, Nala is also about two pounds overweight. Sharon completely owns up to the fact that she's been overfeeding them to make up for the rough times they had as abandoned pets.


"When they were found in the park, it was freezing and they weren't in great condition," Sharon explained to The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals. "They'd had a tough start in life and I suppose I wanted to compensate for that."

"[They] absolutely love Ryvita crackers. I also feed them bags of salad, spinach and treats, which I hide in their hay." But exercise? Eh, not so much.


"Zeus is absolutely huge now, I can't lift him anymore. He's just not interested in exercising or playing, even when I let him out in the garden. He just sits there."

Zeus is so freaking huge at this point he is, from time to time, actually mistaken for a dog.


"One time I took him out into the front garden and a neighbor said 'shouldn't that dog be on a lead?' When I told her he was a rabbit her jaw nearly hit the floor!" Sharon explained.

These rabbits are no spring chickens, and because they're getting up in years, Sharon can't make any "drastic changes" to their diet. That doesn't mean Zeus CAN'T go on a diet, and as PDSA vet nurse Rae Andrew explains, " even small changes to an obese pet's diet and exercise regime can have a big impact and potentially help them live longer."


We wish Zeus and Nala the best of luck in their weight loss journeys! We know they're going to be annoyed with smaller portions in the short run, but it's all about the longevity game!