Rent A Dream Home Designed With Big Dogs In Mind

Having a big dog is the best; ask anyone who does. But finding a rental that will accommodate a big dog can be challenging, to put it lightly.

Rent A Dream Home Designed With Big Dogs In Mind
credit: Craigslist

When your best four-legged friend is almost as big as you are, the thought of cramming him into a small space is a nightmare, and pet restrictions make renting close to impossible. So what's a large dog person to do?

Well, for property owner Jade Rouzeau, the answer is simple. Create a rental property specifically for big dogs and their owners. Like, literally just for big dogs. As in, they only rent to people who own large dogs.

Screen shot of craigslist post for dog friendly home
credit: Craigslist

Their three bedroom ranch-style home in Jacksonville, Florida is an idyllic property for big dogs to frolic, play, and bask in the Florida sunshine. Jade and her unique property first drew attention three years ago, but it recently opened up again and according to their add on Craigslist, "responsible renters with large dog(s) a must!!"

According to an interview with Huffington Post, Jade will even turn away potential tenants who don't have large dogs. "Oh boy, I am pretty passionate about this," she said. "One or more of your dogs must be on the so-called 'aggressive' breed list," which, according to the ASPCA includes Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and more.

As an owner of a couple of Pit Bulls herself, Jade seems to have a soft spot for this particular breed, so there may be a slight advantage if you're looking for a lovely home for you and your Pits.

Jade and her two pit bulls
credit: Jade Rouzeau

Check it out soon, because a deal like this is a dream come true and won't last long!