Baby Sloth Saying, “Mom” Is The Crush You Need Right Now

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Aside from maybe being one of the most-adorable looking baby animals in the whole wide world, baby sloths apparently make the cutest noises too.


We submit to you a video shared by Animalist Too of the Sloth Sanctuary In Costa Rica as evidence, where you will not only see an itty-bitty sloth, you'll also hear the wee babe's tiny voice say something that sounds to us like "mom."


As in "mom, I don't want to go to church today." Or perhaps, "mom, where are my cute, little sloth socks?"

Unbearably adorable, right? Hold on, it gets better.

The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica has a Facebook page so you can get status updates of sloths being frickin' cute, which are the really the best status updates.

Like this one about a rare, premature sloth baby.


This little dude who is just hanging around and keeping warm in and incubator.

Um... a baby sloth hugging a smaller baby sloth.

A 12-pack of sloths.

Baby sloths kickin' it in a tub.

Clearly, there's no shortage of adorable moments at these magical sloth gardens in Costa Rica.

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