New York’s Hugging Dog Is Ready To Snuggle Grumpy Commuters

Dogs are man's best friend. But this dog who lives in New York, might be everyone's best friend.

Loubie is a sweet golden retriever who hangs out in Chelsea at the corner of 5th Street and 7th Avenue. If you're having a bad day, this gorgeous lady might just cheer you up with a hug.

Five years ago, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez received a sweet puppy as a gift from his best friend, Daphne. He named her Louboutina, after the inspiring Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes Daphne had been wearing the first time they met.

Not only is the cheerful and loving pup a celebration of the inspiring friendship between them, Loubie has also inspired countless numbers of people.

Loubie is a regular in the Chelsea neighborhood, where she is often spotted cheering up passersby on the street. After a tough day, being able to hug this sweet dog can really brighten someone's mood. Her human says people have cried after hugging her.

The pair plan to travel once the weather warms up so Loubie can spread the love even more.

Loubie is also active in New York events! She proudly marched in the 2016 Breast Cancer Walk along with Cesar and his friends, meeting many more friends along the way.

Even if you're not in New York, you can still be inspired by Loubie's adventures on Instagram and follow up on her day.

Whether she's getting ready for a walk in the rain...

Or snow...

Or just snuggling up for bed.

And if you do meet her in person, it's okay to get a little starstruck.

Happy 2017 from the Loubie, the hugging dog!