9 Dogs Who Stole Our Hearts As Classic RomCom Characters

Both dogs and romantic comedies make you feel good. So what better than combining two things that make you happy into one amazingly adorable thing that makes you extremely happy?

Well, that's what the good people at DogVaycay did when they decided to dress up these four-legged friends into some of our favorite romantic comedy characters. And the results were nothing short of fur-tastic.

1. La La Land becomes Bow Wow Land.

la la land
credit: DogVaycay

2. Both these kisses are slobbery and sweet.

spiderman kiss
credit: DogVaycay

3. Nobody could say "no" to either of these cuties with their puppy dog eyes.

say anything
credit: DogVaycay

4. Crashing weddings doesn't look nearly as fun for canines.

wedding crashers
credit: DogVaycay

5. Dogs and humans can make mistakes.

pregnant pup
credit: DogVaycay

6. Both of these handsome hunks are just too good to be true.

10 things
credit: DogVaycay

7. This Princess Buttercup loves a Westie named Westley.

Princess Bride
credit: DogVaycay

8. She's more than a good girl... she's all that.

she's all that
credit: DogVaycay

9. There's Something About Puppy.

something about mary
credit: DogVaycay