18 Office Dogs Hard At Work Officing

When man's best friend goes to the workplace, hilarity and cuteness ensues.

office worker boss dog
credit: damedeeso/iStock/GettyImages

1. "I try to greet every visitor personally — usually by rubbing my face in their crotch."

2. "15 percent of all internet traffic is cat-related?!? WTLF."

3. "Wake me up when it's time for the all-hands this afternoon."

4. "Think of coworkers like teammates, Karen. On good teams, teammates share everything — and that includes their sandwiches."

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6. "Unlike some dogs in this office, I've never had trouble finding the sweet spot in the work-life balance."

7. "This is where we keep a copy of Colonel Sanders' 11 secret herbs and spices. Don't let me catch you in here or its both our asses."

8. "Some dogs chase balls. Me? I chase promotions."

9. "I've been clear on this policy before: No slobber on the TPS reports."

10. "Last night was ruff. That's the last post-work Happy Hour and karaoke sesh for me."

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11. "We have an open floor plan. That means I can pee wherever I want."

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12. "All I'm saying is don't quit your day job."

13. "The page isn't loading properly, because you dropped a div somewhere in the HTML. Move over and let me fix it."

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14. "Actually, I prefer a mouse with a scroll wheel but this is fine for today."

15. "My advice? Increase the saturation on that Photoshop file."

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16. "Hello, yes, this is dog."

17. "We're both interns but I started two days before him so, technically, I have seniority in this department."

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18. "Inter-office romances are strictly prohibited in the employee handbook, but that doesn't mean they don't happen from time to time."

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