Amorous Doggo “Ruins” Tough Lawman’s Photoshoot With Kisses

Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach sat down for a staff photoshoot. You know, a little something for the company website and maybe a LinkedIn profile pic.

Everything started off in the usual way: A law-abiding state official giving the camera a steely-eyed stare that says, "Bro, you know I'll make sure you're safe AF."

Knach didn't realize his loyal K-9 partner Kenobi was in the mood for a few kisses and a quick cuddle, which totally changed the mood of the photo sesh.

Indiana State Parks officials posted the portraits to Facebook, which predictably have gone viral (ugh, are we done with that word yet?).

One other thing: Officer Knach is totally into this impromptu loving. What a softy!

Is he single? Because... THAT DOG!!!

We want to see photos of your dogs giving sneaky, surprise kisses. Share them with us in the comment section below!