What Happens When Lin-Manuel Miranda Asks The Internet To Photoshop His Dog

He's an actor, playwright, and musician, but he's best known as the creator of the Broadway smash, Hamilton.

Over the weekend, he shared a cute photoset of his pup, Tobi, with his 1.25 million followers on Twitter.

Included in his tweet was a challenge to photoshop her into funny scenes โ€” and a promise to signal boost his favorites!

"I brought my dog Tobi to work and took her picture in front of the green screen for y'all. Photoshop away, I'll RT faves."

Because the internet isn't totally terrible, fans and keyboard comedians promptly flooded Miranda's mentions with some very clever takes, a sampling of which is collected below.

Some riffed on Tobi's name.

Others found inspiration in today's political headlines.

And classic American landmarks.

Currency became canvas in this design when Alexander Hamilton's likeness on the $10 bill was swapped out for that of Tobi's.

Pop culture properties, both old and new, came in for a thorough skewering.

Like "Stranger Things"...

"E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"...

"The West Wing"...

...and "John Wick: Chapter 2"

The same was true of memes and celebs.

Such as '90s alt. rock footnotes, Sugar Ray.

And Evil Kermit.

Not even the rapper Drake was immune from getting dragged into the fray.

For obvious reasons, musical and theater references abounded. Some echoed back to Miranda's work...

...while some landed further afield.

In the end, though, the very best Photoshops, like the one below, congealed into a cosmic burlesque at the intersection of OMG, WTF, and LOL.

Did we miss your favorite Tobi Photoshop? Share it with us in the comments below!