Gate Cut With Holes For Dogey Eyes And Noses Is Our New Favorite Thing

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"Behind every gate," wrote Ernest Hemingway, "is a dog trying to get out." *****

But, maybe — if the ridiculous picture embedded below is to be believed — they're just trying to get a better view of the world that lies beyond?

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That's the takeaway from this hinged doorway cut with openings for dogey eyes and dogey snoots.


Posted to Reddit earlier in the month, the hilarious image promptly charted at r/MadeMeSmile and r/aww, two of the site's highly-trafficked communities.

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The threads have drawn thousands of upvotes and about 150 comments, only maybe two of which are fit for to be shared here at

Included among the latter was an apt comparison that elicited some legit LOLs here in the office.


See? It's spot-on.


Do your dogs have a doggy gate to call their own? Tell us about it in the comments below!

***** = Sadly, the famed author didn't write this but it piqued your interest, no?