Cat Goes To Work Everyday, Becomes Employee Of The Month

Move over Waldo, there's a new guy in town, or rather a new cat in a department store. George, an adorable tabby, spends his days in a Wilko store in Bristol.

The Sun reports George is not the store's cat, he has a wonderful home that he goes home to every night, but by day this retail loving feline prefers to bask in the ray of fluorescent lighting.

It's become a fun game for customers to "find George" when they shop.

Cat Goes To Work Everyday, Becomes Employee Of The Month
credit: Amy Kennedy

Legal secretary Sarah Fowler said told The Sun, "Since just after Christmas he's become a bit of a celebrity and Wilko just put up with him now."

It appears the store tried to give him a job but quickly found that George is better at being Wilko's unofficial mascot.

In fact, "finding George" has become so synonymous with the store that Michelle Pibworth, and (aforementioned) Sarah Fowler, created a Facebook fan page for this "celebrity" furry fella where shoppers can share photos of him hidden around the store.

The page is delightful, with many members sharing that they went to the store just to find George. Hilariously, one of his favorite spots is in the dog treats.

So, far George is accepting his fame with aplomb and is gracious when his fans request a photo.

Three cheers for George for making shopping so fun and adorable! Every store should have a Waldo cat.

Having a walk through the store lol

Posted by Nicola Williams on Monday, February 13, 2017