Heroic Cat Saves Sleeping Family From House Fire

Whoever said dogs are more loyal than cats, never met this one.

Part cat, part smoke detector, this Canadian kitty definitely earned her keep when she alerted her humans about a fire raging underneath their house in the middle of the night.

When she smelled the flames, the fearless feline raced into the bedroom of her sleeping owners at 3:30am and bit one of them right on the arm. It may not be the ideal way to wake up, but she couldn't take any chances with two young children sleeping in the next room.

Firefighters from three different stations came together to battle the flames and get the family, including another cat, out safely. Even though the firefighters may have put out the fire, everyone knew who the real hero was.

"It's pretty interesting to see that it was the cat that did alert them that there was an issue," fire chief Trevor Grant told the Edmonton Journal.

Luckily for us, photographer William Vavrek was there to document it all.

The family is in touch with the Red Cross and staying somewhere safe while the cause of the fire is investigated further. Whatever the cause, the hero remains the same.

Take that, dog lovers.