Here Are A Bunch Of Brides Throwing Cats, As Is Tradition

Everybody knows about the tradition of the bride throwing a bouquet at her wedding, but few know of the age-old tradition of a bride throwing a cat. Like the bouquet, catching the cat has its own rewards. But instead of becoming the next to get married, you're the next person to get lucky cat scratches all over your body!

Before you get too worried about these sweet feline friends, this is not an actual wedding tradition. A man in Australia, who loves both Photoshop and cats, started doctoring wedding pictures to get a good laugh. Lots of people began submitting their own tweaked pictures and was born.

1. A kitten for the kiddos.

2. This cat is all decked out and ready to fly.

3. Cat throwing: A tradition through the ages.

4.One bridesmaid, one cat. Mano a gato.

5. It doesn't matter if you don't want to get thrown, little kitty. Today is the bride's day and she can do whatever she wants.

6. Just a cool, casual cat throw.

7. Hanging on by a foot.

8. Holy cat!

9. This cat seems as happy to be caught as the lucky lady is who snagged him.

10. Looks like this throw may start a real cat fight.

11. This cat's back definitely grazed the ceiling.

12. So meow I come to you with open arms...

13. "This silly cat doesn't want to be tossed – can you believe it?"

14. Testing if cats really do always land on their feet.

15. Like weddings themselves, tossed cats come in all shapes and sizes.

16. "Hi five to whichever one of you catches me!"

17. A black and white cat to go with your black and white dress.

18. It's raining cats and cats!

19. You guys thought you were just dancing the twist, but here's the actual twist.

20. Cat got your tongue?