Mama Dog Adopting Orphaned Kittens Proves Moms Are The Best

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For your daily dose of squee-worthy news, a dog rescued in Mexico became a mother to a very surprising litter leading us to believe that the only thing cuter than interspecies friendships are interspecies adoptions.

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Evie Pover was traveling in Mexico with her family, when she decided to go to a local cat rescue to pet some kittens. Little did she know that she would end up leaving with a dog.


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An animal shelter in Mexico had found an orphaned litter of newborn kittens. Without their mother's milk, the kittens had little chance of survival. Not long after the kittens were found, a dog was brought into the rescue. The staff quickly saw that she had recently given birth, but there were no signs of the puppies.


They wondered if this mama dog would adopt the orphaned kittens. As luck would have it, the kittens and canine took to each other immediately.

Since the kittens were still too young to be weaned, the new little family was transferred to Cocos Animal Welfare, a rescue organization in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


Enter the Pover family. They went to a shelter to play with kittens, but saw the kind mama dog with her feline litter and fell in love.

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"My son ended up naming her Esperanza (Spanish for "Hope") because as he put it, 'she gave hope to the kittens.' We call her Espi for short," Evie wrote on Reddit.

The Pover family organized for Esperanza to fly to their home in the United States after the kittens were weaned. "We just went to pet kittens at the cat rescue and left with a dog. Go figure! She stayed till they could be weaned, then she was ours. They found homes too!!" said Evie on Reddit.