This Distracted Beagle Running An Obstacle Course Is All Of Us

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Everyone spaces out at inopportune times, but rarely does forgetfulness look this cute.

That's the story from the agility contest at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show, where puppers navigate a series of ramps, tubes, and fences alongside their human handlers.

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In the very relatable video embedded below, Mia the beagle repeatedly loses her focus — but wins over the audience (and the internet) with her distracted dogging, which elicits this praise from one of the announcers: "That was a delightfully entertaining run".

Because it's the journey and not the destination, she looks before she leaps.

And dashes adorably in and out of the poles with no regard for competitive norms.


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She even pauses momentarily at the top of this obstacle to flash a smile for the photogs.


In the end, it's her world and we just live in it. As FS1 noted on Facebook, "Mia the beagle does whatever Mia the beagle wants." (They aren't wrong!)

Watch her full run below: