Boston SWAT Make A Chic Kitty Condo For Their Favorite Cat

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Workings in law enforcement can be a lot of things — rewarding, exciting, dangerous — but "luxe AF" is usually not one of them. For internet-famous SWAT cat, though, it totally is.

The cat, which acts as the unofficial mascot for the Boston SWAT team, rose to fame in December 2015 when she went missing, and the police enlisted the public's help in finding her, reports the Boston Globe . The public rose to the occasion because there's nothing that unifies people more than a missing pet, and she was returned to the police, a little malnourished, but okay overall.

Now, the police officers are making sure that SWAT Cat will never have a reason to wander off again. They've built her a luxury cat condo (yes, you read that correctly) right outside of SWAT HQ and, as stated above, it's luxe AF.

SWAT Cat's digs are a spacious one-story studio condo complete with a gorgeous deck for outdoor dining and glass sliding doors, according to the police department's site. It's also insulated and has a heating pad, to keep SWAT Cat cozy during the harsh Boston winters.

The officer behind the incredible condo is Jamie Pietroski, who worked on the passion project after hours to make sure the SWAT team's mascot could live the life of luxury.

It's probably safe to say SWAT Cat won't be going far from her friends at the BPD any time soon.