Dog Owners May Be More Attractive Than Cat Owners

If you've ever found yourself attracted to someone with a canine companion by their side, you are not alone. According to a new study published in </ahref="http:>Elite Daily from the dating website Elite Singles, dog owners are in an elite category all on their own.

The study showed that 63 percent of the 1,000 singles interviewed found dog owners to be the most attractive type of pet owner. So if you're looking for love, showing off your furry friend could help you in your search.

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Only 18 purr-cent of cat owners, however, were deemed as swoon-worthy as their dog-loving counterparts.

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Sadly, a small portion (19 percent) of those surveyed didn't find animal owners to be attractive at all. Even sadder, those single people probably don't understand that pets will provide unconditional love while you search for romantic love.

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The majority of the single people surveyed agreed that how a person treats a pet can be an indicator of how they'll treat their significant other in a relationship. So if you want to be treated like a princess, just find someone who has already proved willing to cater to self-proclaimed royalty.

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The final major conclusion of the survey was that a good number of pet owners would choose their animal over their potential significant other. In fact, 32 percent of dog owners and 27 percent of cat owners said it would be "Game Over" if their new mate didn't get along with their best animal friend. And we totally get that.

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