These Fashionable Feline Sisters Are Crushing Sibling Goals

Two cats, Zena and Shera, otherwise known as the "Yin Yang Sisters," have been gaining popularity on Instagram, and with good reason. The pair are adorable and super photogenic.

Zena and Shera playing in a box
Zena and Shera doing what cats do best.
credit: Jessica Mantifel

The sister cat's human, Jessica Mantifel, opened up about the girls' budding infamy in an interview with Cuteness. She shared that the Instagram account started out as a "human" IG, but since she posted mostly pictures of her feline faves, most of her followers were cat accounts.

“I had no idea people actually had Instagrams for their pets and I thought that was awesome. I decided people would rather see the kitties, so I turned the account over to them,” she said.

As for the name Yin Yang Sisters, Jess shared that not only are the girls black and white like a Yin-Yang symbol, "their personalities are completely different. They truly are Yin and Yang."

The Yin Yang Sisters cuddling
Looking a lot like their IG namesake: Yin-Yang!
credit: Jessica Mantifel

When you look at their faces in the photos, you can see how intelligent and playful they are.

"They are extremely smart and aware. Zena is the more reserved one; she has a gentle, sweet personality."

Zena may be shy, but when the cameras come out she will "ham it up." When she's not "meowdeling" (so to speak), she enjoys bird-watching, dressing up, and watching the morning news. "Every morning she sits in front of the TV and watches the KTLA morning news--her favorites are the traffic and weather segments," said Jessica.

Zena showing off her belly
Zena looking coy.
credit: Jessica Mantifel

Shera is the opposite. "She has a very strong uninhibited personality. Shera is very playful and loves to hunt," said Jessica. And where Zena is a fabulous kitty model, Shera needs a little treat enticement.

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Posted by Cuteness on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Her favorite activity is cruising through the neighborhood in her cat stroller with her human dad. "She will sit on top of the stroller and meow her lungs out until he takes her. She's not afraid to ask for what she wants...and usually gets it."

Shera was what Jessica called "an accidental rescue." She was only 4 months old when Jessica and her family decided to foster her, while they looked for her forever home. But the first night they brought Shera home, she and Zena "played and snuggled all night like long lost sisters. She immediately felt like part of the family and she has been ever since."

Shera looking straight into the camera
Shera has beautiful eyes.
credit: Jessica Mantifel

While both girls are obviously charismatic, they are using their feline fame for good.

"We love to help cats in need any way we can," said Jessica. "One of Zena's main goals is to help get rid of the negative stigma around black cats."

Zena herself was adopted 3 years ago on Friday the 13th from the Best Friends Animal shelter in LA. One of their favorite organizations to support is the Black Cat Rescue. The girls are also ambassadors for Cute 4 Kind and have also participated to help rescue cats from euthanasia.

"We definitely did not expect so many friends and followers, but we're super excited and so grateful for every single one. We would like to spread happiness and positivity to our followers," said Jessica. "We hope our posts will make people laugh or smile along with promoting the message of love and adoptions. We want to inspire others to use their Instagrams for positivity and helping others. These past couple years on IG have been amazing and we've made lifelong friends."

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