Guilty Dog Does Horrible Horrible Things To Furniture

Dog lovers know that sometimes when a pup is left home alone for too long they have a tendency to get bored and misbehave. They get into the trash. They nibble on slippers. They pee on things. You know the drill.

Guilty Dog Does Horrible Horrible Things To Furniture
credit: Pet Shop Guys

This minor destruction pales in comparison to what 23-year-old barmaid Sophie Robinson found when she came home recently and discovered what her 1-year-old Rottweiler-Akita Yogi had done to one of her large living room cushions.

As Robinson told the Daily Express, "I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked up the drive – he's normally there in the window waiting for me, then he runs to the front door when he sees me."

Robinson shot a video of the disaster. We've seen some dog misbehavior in our day but this is next level "Bad doggie!"

Behold the destruction. Robinson first sees the stairs covered with feathers.

Then she enters the hallway and sees even more feathers.

She rounds the corner and the feathers just keep coming.


And at the very end of the video we see Yogi who is trying to curl into the tiniest ball possible hoping that maybe we won't see him/all the chaos he has wreaked.

And just to be clear, the aforementioned Rottweiler-Akita Yogi was definitely aware that he had misbehaved.

"Yogi was just sat on the chair looking at me like 'I know, I know, I did it I'm sorry!'" Robinson told the Daily Express.

Robinson estimated that there were about 10,000 feathers, and because she didn't want to clog the vacuum cleaner, she spent about 2 hours picking up most of the feathers by hand.

Bad dog, indeed. Check out the vid below:

{做乜9} 打劫?落雪?地震?原來係英國一隻狗狗搞破壞。狗主人Sophie Robinson收工回家,見到近萬條羽毛由樓梯散落到大廳,之後見到愛犬Yogi瞓喺梳化望主人唔敢郁,咁大家知咩事啦! (短片來源:BikesExhaust YouTube)

Posted by Pet Shop Guys on Thursday, February 16, 2017