Woman Hosts Fancy Dinner Parties For Squirrels In Her Backyard

We're always hoping one of our friends will throw a Pinterest board-worthy dinner party and invite us to eat all the noms and pose for all the photo ops.

Well, now we have new #dinnerpartygoals. The next shindig we want to be invited to is one thrown by Ashly Deskins, because her feasts have an adorable twist: They're pint-sized affairs in which the guests of honor are a bunch of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed local squirrels!

Deskins regularly creates dining experiences for her local squirrel population for which the aesthetic is so freaking adorable we are sure Deskins would have five stars on Yelp. You know, if squirrels could Yelp...

The story behind this photo project is bittersweet. As Bored Panda reports, it all started when Deskins found two injured squirrels in her yard. She and her husband rushed the little guys to the vet, but unfortunately, the squirrels didn't make it. The experience gave Deskins a soft spot for squirrels, and she was inspired to create staged dining experiences for the squirrel population of her neighborhood.

Deskins has learned a lot from trial and error. As she tells Bored Panda, "By observing the squirrels, I can determine what they feel comfortable jumping on… and what I can or can't use."

Note that throwing a squirrel dinner party requires a nuts amount of patience (pun absolutely intended).

"I will usually set up a scene and it could be hours before any visitors come by… it can take several more hours before I can accomplish some finished images as they usually come, take their almonds and run, " Deskins explained.

Well, we're glad Deskins has the patience to keep this project up, because we're absolutely obsessed with the results. And if you are too, definitely follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Also, there's a calendar and postcards avail!

Basically, we'll never be impressed with a dinner party again unless there are squirrels involved.