Tinder Reunites Sibling Cats After 2-Year Separation

It sounds like the plot of an indie rom-com: After matching on the dating app Tinder, a California man and woman were SHOCKED to learn that their cats, Ozzie and Butter, were siblings adopted separately from the same shelter two years earlier!

And like any good date flick, the couple's meet-cute almost didn't come to pass.

In an interview with the Petaluma Argus Courier, the woman, Cathleen Cavin, explained that she was reluctant to connect IRL — totally relatable, amirite? — even after swapping messages for more than a year:

"I didn't even want to go on a date," she said. "I was trying to get out of it."

When they finally got together for food and drinks at a local Italian eatery, the duo fell into an easy conversation that lasted for "hours."

But it was only after they retreated to Brian Herrera's house later the same night, when Butter slinked into the living room, that the two 44-year-olds from Bay Area suburbs made a serendipitous discovery.

"Out of the corner of Cavin's eye, she swore she saw an orange-and-white cat. 'I start looking at the cat, and I'm like, 'That's my cat. You have my cat,'' she said. 'And he's like, 'No, that's my cat.' So he thought I was some crazy cat lady, and I said, 'No, I promise you. Come over to my house.''"

The next day, Herrera met Ozzie. Dumbstruck by the cats' resemblance, he and Cavin turned to the original adoption paperwork to confirm what they already suspected: the nearly identical mousers were family!

As reported by Love Meow, the felines washed into Petaluma Animal Services (PAS) in 2015 with four of their littermates after they were found hungry and mother-less at a mobile home park.

Enter Cavin and her then 6-year-old daughter, Cali. They were instantly smitten with the ginger cats but could only adopt one, per rental policies instituted by their landlord.

The separation was not easy on any of them — cats or humans.

"'Every time Cali would see the kitten upset, she would tell me it was because he was missing his brother,' she said. 'I made a really stupid promise. I told my daughter I would look for the cat and try to find his brother. I kept saying, 'I'm going to find him.''"

By the time Mom returned to the clinic, Butter had been re-homed with Herrera. But the Petaluma woman said she always held out hope that the cats would be reunited someday.

Eight months after the their humans first met, Ozzie and Butter were reintroduced to one another (and on Valentine's Day, no less).

According to an update posted to PAS's Facebook page, the reconciliation was an adorably successful one:

"One little growl from Butter, just to remind us that they are indeed cats - then quietly sniffing around, the intro is on."

Earlier this month, the new couple shared the story of their unlikely romance with Petaluma360.com. It was revealed that they, their daughters, and Ozzie and Butter would soon be living together under the same roof.

Here's a great shot of the happy family!