Scottish Grandmas Knit Sweaters To Help Black Dogs Get Adopted

Did you know that a black dog is much less likely to be adopted from a shelter than their lighter-colored furry friends? The color of a dog's fur doesn't change how much they'll love you, but unfortunately people at first glance may pass over these wonderful dogs just because the way they look.

A dog wearing a maroon and white striped knitted jumper jumping while carrying a ball of red yarn in mouth.
Jumping for joy with a new coat!
credit: Scottish Women's Institute

A group of awesome knitters at the Scottish Women's Institute (SWI) have started an initiative to help these pups find their forever homes by knitting them colorful jackets to wear. With multicolored apparel and lots of knitted love, SWI is hoping to bring more love to these amazing dogs.

"Black dog syndrome" is similar to how black cats have trouble being adopted, whether because of superstition or being perceived as more threatening.

"This syndrome really does affect the adoption of animals in our care and, through no fault of their own, black dogs are almost always the last to find new homes," Scottish SPCA Superintendent Sharon Comrie recently told The Telegraph.

SWI members Edith Smith and Winnie Anderson knitted the first jackets and donated them to Scottish SPCA rescue and rehoming centre at Drumoak near Banchory. The knitting initiative is part of SWI's celebrations to mark 100 years of service.

An SWI member knitting with a dog wearing a knitted jacket.
Sitting pretty and knitting more great looks for our puppy friends.
credit: Scottish Women's Institute

SWI national chairman Christine Hutton also told The Telegraph, "We are encouraging our members to pick up their knitting needles and help a homeless hound, to boost their appeal and help them become re-homed more quickly. "

A dog wearing a knitted jacket playing with yarn balls.
So much yarn, so little time!
credit: Scottish Women's Institute
Yarn from the SWI in preparation for knitting jackets.
credit: Scottish Women's Institute

The knitters hope to create "coats of many colors" to boost the appeal of these adoring dogs and to encourage people to look past the color of their coats and bring a new friend home today.

An SWI member knitting with her dog, wearing a colorful jacket.
Knitting with friends is better!
credit: Scottish Women's Institute

The SPCA is hoping to find homes for all their furry friends, and that the support of the SCI will make a huge difference. "[The jackets] show these dogs off to their best advantage," Comrie emphasized to The Telegraph. The SPCA is honored to receive these donations and are planning to put them to good use all across Scotland.

"With the SWI knitters' support, we will be able to build up a collection of special jackets for our dark dogs to wear with pride."

Adopted puppy Luther and his mom Gillian come back to the SPCA to visit and donate.
Luther the lab and his new mom, Gillian, came back to the SPCA to visit and buy some new toys.
credit: Scottish SPCA

To learn more about these organizations and how to support them, visit the Scottish SPCA and the Scottish Women's Institute!

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