Hilarious Dating Profiles For Cats That Will Make You Want To Adopt Right Meow

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A genius guy in Los Angeles decided to get involved in promoting pet adoption at his local shelter, the Santa D'Or Adoption Center, in a very creative way.


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He created little cards that listed the animals' likes and dislikes, you know, to give their potential owners a better look at their personalities. And spoiler: All those personalities are hilarious and awesome.

There's Lola who likes sleeping in a sunbeam and dislikes 15th-century feudal Japan.

There's Leche who likes being social, but isn't into the growing wage gap between the rich and poor that is slowly resulting in the decline of the middle class (same, Leche. Same.).

Then there's Delores who likes staring out of the window (a worthwhile endeavor), but doesn't like "the warlock's curse that transformed her into a cat."

Guinevere likes rubbing your ankle (we like that too, Guin!), but doesn't like when people pick the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart. The good news is that Guinevere will be super fun to play video games with.

Zeta loves belly rubs, but not haunted graveyards. And she means it; if you live in a haunted graveyard, she's not interested in being adopted by you. K, thx, bye.

Choccy likes exploring, but not exploring your '90s garage rock collection, so put it away or invest in some serious headphones.

Camille is pro side-scratches and anti fart jokes. You know who you are. Keep walking.

Mishka loves cat treats, but don't dress him up in a tiny suit and take him to the office to meet your coworkers because he is NOT here for it.

Gus will cuddle with you all day, but don't expect him to play "crappy tennis" (aka badminton).

Honey LOVES her catnip, but keep those freaky sky wizards (you might call them birds) away from her.

Dinky loves to nap, but won't tolerate being talked to in baby voices (she's 36 in cat years thankyouverymuch).

Sabrina loves other cats; so you're good to go, if you're adopting her into an already cat-filled home, but know that you will be sacrificing your shirt (you know the one).

Grace likes playing with her toys (who doesn't?), but she has OPINIONS about the white washing of Hollywood movies — so adopt her before your Oscar party because she's going to bring some much-needed social commentary to the table.

And the list actually goes on. Thank you, cat adoption hero man. We salute you.