These Ponies Wore Matching Sweaters On A Trip Of A Lifetime

Emma Massingale has a way with horses. The adventurer and professional horse trainer knows how to speak to the majestic creatures like very few people do. In fact, she's so adept at communicating with horses, she can even get them to dress up just like her.

At least, that's what happened with Massingale's two Shetland pony friends, Albert and Ernie. Shetland horses are smaller than most horse breeds, and are often considered just a little bigger than a large dog. Despite their size, they're one of the strongest horse breeds in existence.

Massingale wanted to know more about why these horses are the way they are. So she did the only logical thing; she took her Shetland ponies to the Shetland Islands where their ancestors are from.

Because she's based in the U.K., Massingale needed to get creative to transport her pony friends to and between the Scottish islands. So naturally, she just convinced them to chill in a boat with her for at least part of the journey.

Once they arrived on the islands, she documented her adventures. The horses roamed with their distant relatives and grazed on their native lands. Because it can get very cold in the Shetland Islands, they decided they needed sweaters. And, thanks to the generosity of a talented knitter named Doreen Brown who made the ponies custom sweaters, they all had matching outfits to remember their adventures.

Massingale has more information about this trip and her other horse adventures on her website. Her Shetland Island pony excursion was also recently featured on the BBC's The One Show.

Massingale's next adventure will be free riding through the Alps. And, while we're very excited to hear how it goes, we're even more excited to see what kind of adorable matching outfits she, Albert, and Ernie might rock this time around.