Enthusiastic Doggo Casually Out Sprints Cyclists During Italian Bike Race

The pack mentality isn't for every dog.

That's the story from Italy (~we think~), where a very good pup joined a bike race in progress and then promptly left the peloton in her dust with a ruthless breakaway.

Bolting pell-mell between the officials' motos, the spandex-free dog reads the fatigue on the faces of her competitors for weakness and correctly ratchets up the pace.

It's an advantage she maintains around this long, sweeping bend. Fantastic cornering FTW (For The Woofer)!

Still, like most would-be escapes in the sport, even this one is eventually reeled back in.

But not before she gives it one final dogey kick. Such determination, such bravery.

While we don't speak Italian, Cycling Weekly speculates that the event is a gran fondo, or "a hybrid between a long distance recreational cycling event (such as a century) and a competitive event (such as a road race)."

Press play to watch the highlights below!

Dog vs Peloton!

Dog vs Peloton!

Posted by Bike Pro Cycling on Friday, February 17, 2017