Puppy Born With Selfie On Ear Will Leave You Seeing Double

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Look hard enough and you'll find doggy faces everywhere. Sometimes it's a piece of wood trending on Twitter... and sometimes it's an ear flap on a real live dog!


That's the incredible story out of Lollypop Farm, a shelter located in upstate New York, where Lucy, a 5-month-old puppy born to a rescued stray, is finding fame on social media for a cluster of spots on her left ear that form a self-portrait in miniature.


Left: Lucy. Right: Lucy, enhanced with Photoshop.

Speaking with The Dodo, the shelter's spokesperson Paige Doerner confessed that the resemblance was initially overlooked by staffers, but that all changed when an eagle-eyed fan made the uncanny connection after visiting Lollypop's website.


"Looking at her every day, no one here even noticed Lucy's special ear until it was pointed out to us by a very observant visitor to our website! We couldn't believe it when we looked closer at the picture."

While Lucy's so-called selfie spots are a happy coincidence, the buzz around them led to a quick adoption, not more than two hours after the organization initially shared her photoset on Facebook.

Even better: Some of that attention spilled over to Lucy's littermates — one of which was said to have a "monocle" over its eye — and other animals currently housed at the shelter!


Embedded below: Adorable video of Lucy and her special spots.

Press play to watch!

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