Corgi Dashing Around A Backyard Snow Maze Is The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Meet Wally.

He's a 4-year-old corgi that lives with his humans, Denis and Christine Jalbert, in Dieppe, New Brunswick, which is about 165 miles north of Halifax.

Because, ya know, Canada, the area gets LOTS of snow every winter — upwards of 111 inches annually (or slightly more than 9 feet!). And this year has been no exception: Storms in February alone dumped a whopping 45 inches on the region.

That's a problem, because as Denis told Global News in an interview last week, it leaves the roads unsafe for Wally's daily walks.

And when the New Brunswick man noticed that his clever pooch was using snow mounds to hop over the fence that rings the family's backyard, he knew something had to be done.

So he grabbed a shovel and started digging.

Six hours later, Jalbert's handiwork revealed something a-maze-ing: A wintery web woven from winding trenches and corgi-sized cul-de-sacs (hold pic to pan left and right).

Wally, as you might imagine, was pretty STOKED about this new development.

When he's not finding Scooby snacks that Denis has hidden in the maze...

...he pushes his favorite toy, a Jolly Egg, around the frozen labyrinth.

Sometimes, the duo even plays hide-and-seek. Don't be coy, Wally, we 👀 you!

Embedded below: Video of Wally dashing pell-mell around the backyard snow maze.

Press play to watch!