Sweet Dog Who Had Been Chained Up For 15 Years Gets New Life

To those who say they're too old for things to turn around, we'd like to introduce you to Bear, a 15-year-old dog who was just adopted.

Bear spent the first 15 years of his life chained up outside, but the kind souls at Guardian's of Resue Dog shelter convinced Bear's previous owner to surrender him so that Bear could be adopted into a more loving environment. And boy did they deliver, Bear's new mom, Kerrie Rosenfeld, has only one rule for Bear: Whatever Bear wants, Bear gets. Bear shows appreciation for this rule by following his new mom all around the house.

Take a look at this pup having the time of his chain-free life, and relishing in his newfound freedom. Bear loves driving with the windows down.

Making new friends.

Trying yoga.

Correction: Napping through yoga:

Discovering snow's beauty.

Correction: Discovering snow's cold, shut the door.

Relaxing by the fire.

Posing for photos.

And everyone's favorite pass time, laughing at selfie outtakes.