Sweet Orange Tabby Nurses Baby Back to Health

By Allegra Ringo

You may remember Kasey Boggs and her family, who have five rescue pets and recently added a new sibling to their pack - a human baby named Sonny Laurent Boggs. Since his birth two months ago, Sonny and his animal siblings have already become very close.

The pack includes four dogs and one cat, Mia, who gets to tag along on all the dogs' adventures.

From an early age, Mia has loved to cuddle up to Sonny and watch over him. Mia took her caregiving to the next level when Sonny came home with a fever last week. Don't worry, it was nothing serious; he'd had some routine shots, which can cause fevers.

Sweet Cat Nurses Baby Back to Health
credit: 88kncorbett
Sweet Cat Nurses Baby Back to Health
credit: 88kncorbett

Sonny's mom Kasey said that Mia sensed something was wrong and wouldn't leave Sonny's side the entire day: "She went right for the place where he had gotten his shots... when I picked him up out of his carrier, she was meowing at us and was on the bed before I could even lay him down. She laid with him all afternoon."

Mia shares a special relationship with Sonny, but don't worry, the dogs are still in on the action, too.

We're happy to report that Sonny is feeling better, and back to adventuring with his brothers and sisters.

You can follow the family's journey on Instagram, and we highly recommend that you do!

Do any of your pets have a special bond with a human family member? Share a photo with us in the comments!