Little Boy's BFF Is A Therapy Chicken Who Wears A Pink Tutu

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Darla met her best friend, Finn, under precarious circumstances.


After spotting the sickly chickens at a fair, Finn told his mother he wanted to take them home. His mother, Erika Proctor, who runs a dog rescue group, is certainly an animal lover. But Finn's desire to show these chickens love — even if they don't survive — made her question if she was the biggest animal lover in the family.


Miraculously, one of the chickens did survive. That special chicken was named Darla, and she and Finn became fast friends.

According to an interview with The Dodo, Darla uses the doggie door to freely move inside and outside the house. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with Finn, whether they're playing checkers or she's getting wrapped up in his jacket.

And Darla has no issues with getting dolled up for her family.

Most recently, she wore a tutu and helped predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. (Spoiler alert: She was right.)


She's more than just a beloved member of the family. She's also a certified therapy animal. Proctor's rescue group, Green Dogs Unleashed, has a therapy animal certification program. Darla is the first chicken to ever pass it. To be fair, she's also the first chicken to ever even attempt it.

Her charming personality and likable disposition are inspiring people everywhere to see chickens as more than just meat. And that makes Finn very happy. He explained to The Dodo, "that chickens are people too. OK not really people, but they deserve the same respect as everyone."

Very wise words coming from a very impressive boy. You can follow more of Finn and Darla's adventures at Finn and Feathers on Facebook.