We’re Impressed By This Good Boy Greeting Students After School

Behind every gate, as we've said before, is a good boy trying to get out. Or maybe just lick your hand.

That doggy truism revealed itself again in February when Ralph, a golden retriever, waited every day after school to bond with Elisa, a 17-year-old senior that attends high school nearby.

According to BuzzFeed, the Lakewood, California teen first glimpsed her future BFF when she passed by his house in the passenger seat of a friend's car.

On subsequent trips to and from school, Elisa was further intrigued by the sight of the pupper's amber snoot protruding beyond the metal gate that bound him back.

And yet, she was hesitant to act on her curiosity.

"At first I was afraid that he would bite me, since most dogs would bark at you and seem aggressive if you came near their house."

But when friends encouraged her to approach Ralph, that reluctance melted away like mountain snow pack under a blazing summer sun.

"The first time I pet him he was so EXCITED and started licking my hand and pawing at it."

What followed were daily after-school meet ups, each one an adorable testament to the duo's burgeoning friendship.

As people are wont to do these days, Elisa took to Twitter to broadcast her dogey rendezvouses.

And Twitter approved, with enthusiasm and gusto: The tender snap was retweeted more than 15,000+ times!

It also stirred A LOT of fuzzy feelings.

Tears were shed...

Questions were raised...

And ratings were assessed.

Some folks even shared the mystery dogs they had befriended in real life.

In fact, the buzz around Ralph became so great that his owners, to this point unknown, were alerted by friends to their dog's newfound fame on the viral web.

That prompted them to leave a very sweet note for Elisa.

While Elisa is unsure what will happen after she graduates later in the spring, she's optimistic that a younger student will take her place: "I hope Ralph can make new friends around our school."