18 Pugs Who Are So Excited That St. Patricks Day Is On A Friday

St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday this year, and it's not just humans who are getting in on all the excitement! Yup, that's right. Pugs are getting in on the action too!

credit: Instagram

PugNation has overtaken this joyous holiday filled with drinks, jigging, and lots of kisses for Irish people. These adorable doggos are ready to party!

1. "Don't pinch me! I can't help it that my fur's not green!"

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2. "What do you mean I slept through the bar crawl?!"

3. "St. Paddy's Pug Pride!"

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4. "What? Are the curtains too much?"

5. "This Paddy's party starts before you even walk in!"

6. "Dad! Wake up! It's time to party!"

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7. "What do you have on draft?"

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8. "I'll have what he's having!"

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9. "Awww yeah!"

10. "T.G.I.F!!!!"

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11. "If anybody has any musical requests, let me know!"

12. "Does this hat make me look fat?"

13. "Did leprechauns have this problem? Geez!"

14. "Is the bowtie too much?"

14. "You're never too old to party for St. Paddy's!"

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15. "Kiss me, I'm pugish!"

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16. "Just call me a leprepug!"

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17. "Is it nap time yet? I'm pugged out."

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18. "This is really what you'll find at the end of the rainbow!"