Pit Mix Who Looks Like A Picasso Painting Saved From Kill List

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Meet Picasso, named for the famous artist because, well, just look at his sweet little twisty-turny face.


The 10-month-old pit bull terrier mix was born with a facial abnormality that doesn't cause the pup any pain, but made finding a forever home difficult for this sweet doggie. When a backyard breeder failed to find a home for Picasso, the dog was dropped off at a California shelter and put on the kill list. Soon after, one of Picasso's brothers was returned to the breeder and joined Picasso at the shelter.

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Lucky for Picasso and his brother (who is named Pablo because OF COURSE HE IS), Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, learned about these brother pups, whisked them away from the shelter, and sped them up to Oregon, where the brothers are now a bonded pair waiting eagerly for their forever home.


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"They're really nice dogs — not just adorable, but wonderful dogs," Willhardt told TODAY.

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The fact that they are genuinely wonderful pups is super obvious to us. Come on, look how sweet/adorable/shy/hilarious Picasso is in this Instagram vid:


And the brothers' cuteness is paying off in dividends. The boys have become the stars of Luvable's Instagram, and the rescue is fielding hundreds of calls from would-be forever homes who have fallen in love with these sweetie pups. The doggos are super-bonded, and come as a match set.

We know that Pablo and Picasso are going to find the perfect people and the best home ever, and we can only hope that their forever home peeps post a pic every once in a while, because we NEED regular Picasso updates on our feeds!