A Grieving Dog Gets A Second Chance At Motherhood

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Okay, guys, try not to cry. We're going to get through the beginning of this story super quickly.

The tale opens with a gorgeous doggo from Roseburg, Oregon, Daisy Woodruff.

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Tragedy struck when Daisy lost all seven of her puppies in a barn fire only three weeks after giving birth to them.


Daisy's owner, Jessica Woodruff, told BuzzFeed News that the new mom just wasn't the same after the accident. She explains, "Daisy wasn't really eating, was walking down to the barn, whining."

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In order to help her grieving pet, Woodruff set out to find foster puppies in need of a mother's touch. And was she successful? You bet she was. See, the sad part is already over!

Woodruff came across Lorna Murphy, a woman who's dog, Chloe, had recently died after giving birth to eight of the cutest, panda-resembling puppies this side (or that side) of the Mississippi. Okay, this is sad, but it all works out. I promise!

The eight motherless puppies were quickly introduced to Daisy, and fate took care of the rest. Look at how easily the pups latched on to Daisy and then started to nurse right away!


Once the puppies are weaned, they will return home but in the meantime, Daisy and crew revel in the love (and milk) they share as a family.

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Woodruff updated us that the panda-pups "have grown so much and are getting so much personality!" Daisy is also regaining her glow, as Woodruff attributes the puppy-presence as the cause for "Daisy's heart being mended."

Group hug, everyone!

Can I get an, "Awww"?

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