The Most Bad Ass Puppy Rescue You'll See All Day

What do you think when you see a guy with tattoos covering his neck and head? That he must be a puppy rescuer? Me too.

Briggs LocHaven and rescued puppies
Briggs LocHaven with Rescued Puppies
credit: Briggs LocHaven

Brothers Briggs LocHaven and Chris Vanness were traveling from Colorado to Arizona. While on their journey they came across two abandoned puppies. LocHaven's Facebook post about the event explains the dogs were "literally in the middle of nowhere."

Now, who would abandon two innocent doggy children on the side of the road? Probably a demon with no tattoos but let's not focus on that right now.

The good news is that LocHaven and Vanness took the precious pups along with them on their journey!

Chris Vanness and rescued puppy
Chris Vanness with Rescued Puppy
credit: Briggs LocHaven

According to an interview with The Dodo, the heroes made sure their new travel companions were well taken care of, providing them with food, water and potty breaks. The saved pups were clearly in need of some H2O and TLC.

Posted by Briggs LocHaven on Friday, February 24, 2017

LocHaven updated his Facebook page, informing us that the puppies were both placed with a caring family and even got a new doggy brother; a fact that "makes [his] heart warm and happy!"

I mean, seriously, I will only date guys with neck tattoos from now on.

As for the probably-tattooless demon who left the dogs starving on the side of the road? Watch your back, dude.