21 Bad Ass Squirrels Who Scare Their Own Mothers

Squirrels have a reputation for being both adorable and excitable, but sometimes there lies an intense little creature behind that charming exterior.

22 Bad Ass Squirrels Who Scare Their Own Mothers
credit: nikon_the_dog / tiiavilma / nicki_pumpkin / Instagram

So here are a few angry and sometimes straight-up aloof squirrels to remind you to never judge a book by its delightful cover.

1. Santa Claus was real until he forgot this squirrel's Christmas gift.

showing teeth
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2. Looks like you ended up on the wrong side of the trunk, bro.

3. Meet my two friends: I call this one nut, and this one is cracker.

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4. This stuffed animal laughed at their nuts; they laughed at his funeral.

squirrel take down
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5. I ate the last guy who questioned me, and he was delicious.

long tongue
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6. Watching U

7. Back away from the branch and nobody gets hurt.

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8. This tough AF squirrel who is having dinner and a movie.

want some, cat?
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9. The first rule about Squirrel Fight Club...

squirrel fight
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10. Death once had a near-squirrel experience.

intense glare down
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11. This squirrel visited the Virgin Islands. Now they're just the islands.

12. This squirrel who once killed a man... twice.

13. This squirrel who died, but is feeling much better now.

squirrel swagger
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14. This squirrel's blood type is AK-47.

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15. Nice try, human.

smarter than the trap
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16. Oh, I bet you'd really love to come at me right now, wouldn't you?

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17. "You talkin' to me?"

18. Actual proof squirrels were once Viking warriors.

21. Enough said.