Cute Prairie Dog Reacts Adorably After Zoo Visitor Does A Very Rude Thing

A zoo visitor's sneeze does this cute little prairie dog a heckin' concern.

And why wouldn't it startle a body, really? If you're a mellow, chilled out prairie dog — you know, the kind of PD who loves vintage Bjork albums and Antiques Roadshow re-runs — then you are suprised as sin when some large human makes a sneeze.

The sudden sneeze in question startles the little furry fellow who begins to jump because of course he would.

The reaction of the prairie dog is actually called a "Jump-Yip" and is quite a way of communicating among prairie dogs, according to Scientific American. The Jump-Yip is also a contagious reaction similar to the way yawns travel from one person to another. Here's another video of the Jump-Yip reaction traveling from one prairie dog to another.

So the next time you go to the zoo, don't forget to bring some allergy medicine or hold your sneeze to not frighten the prairie dogs.