Cute Therapy Duck Has Inspiring Story & Stylish Haircut

Puff the Duck may be a therapy duck now with a wonderful life and loving human owner, but she wasn't always so lucky.

Cute Therapy Duck Has Inspiring Story & Stylish Haircut
credit: Puff The Duck

Puff was much sicker than the rest of her siblings and was considered a lost cause by workers at the farm supply store where she was born.

But North Carolina resident Ashley Scott happen to be visiting the store, spotted the duck, and took her home that day. Puff healed under her care and a beautiful friendship was born.

Puff gets her name from the adorable (and surprisingly stylish) puff of feathers at the top of her head, which are common in her Crested Khaki Campbell duck breed.

Of course, her human mom dresses her up so Puff really stands out from the other ducks.

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Scott had to teach Puff more than just survival. She was, after all, a duck. So Scott took the time to slowly introduce her to water until she naturally began to swim on her own.

She was even committed enough to her feathered friend to run around the backyard flapping her arms so Puff would imitate her until she finally learned to fly (Puff, not Scott of course).

While it seems like Scott does a lot for Puff, the perfectly-coifed fowl gives back to her owner ten-fold. Scott suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that means she can get really sick, has random symptoms flare up, and has to sit through breathing treatments regularly. Puff stays by her side throughout all of it.

But Puff doesn't just cuddle with Scott. She also tries to warn her before she even shows symptoms. According to an interview with The Dodo, Scott said, "She will get extra quacky days before my flare-ups start. It's almost like she can sense them. It's truly amazing. She will be very screamy trying to let us know something. We couldn't figure what was wrong at first. The next thing we knew, I got super sick."

Puff even sometimes gets "sympathy symptoms" if Scott's disease gets too bad.

Because of Puff's support, Scott is more open about her health struggles. She shares her journey to help educate and inspire people who may be going through similar issues. But she credits Puff with her bravery to do so.

She said, "Puff and I started to give back and we want to share awareness to advocate for yourself always. I will never understand why I was sent her, but I know she is special."

One look at this amazing duck and it's easy to agree.