Quokkas Are The Cutest Critters You Should Probably Be Taking A Selfie With

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If you've heard of a quokka, today is your lucky day!


Image Credit: Dr. Chris Brown / Allan Dixon / Instagram

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These adorable animals are the littlest of the marsupial family. They are native to Rottnest Island, a small island off the western coast of Australia. Though they are nocturnal, they do come out during the day to the delight of any lucky person who gets to interact with these cute critters.


About the size of a small cat, these curious creatures aren't shy about approaching humans.

In fact, they'll even pause and take epic selfies with you.

And this lucky cyclist isn't the only person to capture a special moment with the adorable fluffballs.

From the looks of it, these animals will stop and pose with just about anyone who asks.

They'll even match your expression because they're seriously all types of cute.

They're also masters of the tight-lipped smile. You know, if that's what you're into.

But don't be fooled by their adorable exterior. Quokkas have extremely sharp claws and, if they want to, can cause some serious damage. That is if you upset them in between bouts of unbearable adorableness, of course.


These charming little creatures have sensitive stomachs, so don't feed them human food even if they bat their big eyes at you. It's actually illegal to do so and handling them or feeding them could result in a fine (or worse).

And as fun as they are to take pictures with, don't consider making a quokka your pet. They're a threatened species and belong in the wild But just because they're wild doesn't mean you can't enjoy the company of a friendly quokka and take an infamous #quokkaselfie, should you be so lucky to interact with one.