People Are Looking For The Hidden Kitten In This Vintage Advertisement?

A vintage hand-drawn advertisement for Dr. Seth Arnold's Balsam has pet lovers on social media searching for a lost kitten concealed somewhere in the image.

“The cat has lost her kitten. Find it.”

The advertisement is leaving people in the U.K. puzzled about the missing kitten's whereabouts. Although some are frustrated at how quickly they've discovered the secret, reports The Daily Mail.

The image dates from the turn of the century — around 1870 — and was the face of a trading card used as advertising, according to East Carolina University. The puzzles were part of a series of hidden pictures intended to boost sales with families with children in the Boston area.

But this image has people of all ages befuddled, or at least a-mew-zed, while they frantically search for the hidden kitten?

Can you find it?