How To Make Adorable Puppy Cookies

puppy cookies
credit: Cuteness


1. Divide cookie dough into two separate bowls.

2. In one bowl, mix in cocoa powder.

3. In the other, mix in flour.

4. Roll out dough with flour on parchment paper and make equal amounts of cutouts, using your large and small cookie cutters.

5. Place smaller cutouts over the rounds of the larger hearts (so, facing the same direction as the larger heart). You're creating the "snout" of the puppy.

puppy cookies
credit: Cuteness

6. Roll out the cocoa dough on parchment paper and make cutouts using the larger cookie cutter.

7. Cut each cocoa heart in half vertically and place the halves on the sides of the vanilla hearts to make ears. Use your fingertips to gently attach the cocoa parts to the vanilla parts.

puppy cookies
credit: Cuteness

8. Bake cookies at 350 for 9 to 12 minutes.

9. Once cookies have cooled, use your frosting to "glue" on two brown M&Ms to act as eyes.

10. Then, use frosting to attach red M&M for nose.

11. Finally, using a knife or scissors, snip the edges off of a Swedish Fish to form a teardrop shape, and attach with frosting for the puppy's tongue.

Then pour yourself a cold glass of milk and enjoy!