Young Cancer Survivor Has So Much In Common With Newly-Adopted Shelter Dog

Quinn has endured more in his life than any person, let alone any 12-year-old should have to. Quinn has battled cancer not just once, but twice according to Fox 40, and two years ago, the disease forced him to get his right leg and hip amputated.

When Quinn woke up from his surgery, he had just one request: He wanted to adopt a dog who had also lost a leg.

"Right after my surgery, I wanted a dog with three legs," he said. "That was the first thing I said when I woke up."

Quinn's mom, Teresa, found the perfect dog on the Facebook page for Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter. Quinn goes to school Napa, so Teresa signed him out early to drive to Sacramento to adopt their new family member.

When they got there, however, things almost went the wrong way. It turned out that another person had reserved the dog, a three-legged pitbull mix named Logan.

"They were disappointed but decided to wait. So they say down and waited and the woman changed her mind," Gina Knepp, with Front Street Animal Shelter, told Fox 40.

This beautiful story has a happy ending. Logan got to go home with Quinn, and it's clear these two bonded right away.

When Quinn was 10, his leg and hip had to be amputated due to cancer. When he woke up from surgery, the first thing he said was, “I want a dog with three legs.” After two years of searching, he and his mom finally found Logan at our shelter. Not only has Quinn completely recovered from cancer, but he now has a best friend to grow up with. This is one of the most beautiful adoptions we’ve ever seen.

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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