You Haven't Understood Fashion Until You've Seen A Toad In A Hat

For anyone who has ever been graced by a toad's presence, you know that they're pretty chill creatures. Like their charming frog counterparts, they've been known to convince people to do surprising things for them. But never have these amphibians been more adorable than this fashionable toad who gets all gussied up in giant hats.

Chris Newsome posted a series of pictures of a toad that recently befriended him.

plain toad
credit: 1158pm/Imgur

But this wasn't any ordinary toad. He clearly had a propensity for looking stylish. He wordlessly convinced his human friend to create custom couture hats that the toad totally rocked.

toad tophat
credit: 1158pm/Imgur

Using colorful foam paper and a whole lot of creativity, Newsome crafted some incredible looks that the toad casually posed in. And because the toad seemed to like the hat, his human friend decided to give his it some extra flair to reflect his unique personality.

toad pimp
credit: 1158pm/Imgur

The toad was such a good sport about the fashion shoot, Newsome decided to make him more hats. You know, so he has options for different looks depending on his mood.

cool toad
credit: 1158pm/Imgur

He even made a cowboy hat with a custom lasso, so the toad could live out his fantasy of wrangling rowdy flies in the wild wild west.

yeehaw toadie
credit: 1158pm/Imgur

Newsome explained in his gallery comments that he originally made the hats for a friend's son, who had lost his frog. After the photo session with the toad, he sent all the hats to the little boy.

The toad has become an internet sensation, even inspiring fan art from his glorious pictures.

Because of the popularity of these pictures, Newsome has promised more hats are currently in the making for his toad friend. Hopefully the toad continues to cooperate with the photoshoots because this is a supermodel the world deserves.

hello my baby
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