Good Samaritans Build Tiny Ramps So Wee Baby Ducklings Won’t Drown In Canals

Indiana's famed Hoosier Hospitality is now officially for the birds.

That's the story from Indianapolis, where city officials completed installation of four bird-sized ramps along its popular downtown canal walk earlier in the month.

Made of wood and insulation and designed with input from students at a nearby vocational high school, the floating platforms afford the ducklings and goslings that populate the waterway with easy egress.

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The clever workarounds were prompted by a rash of — BRACE YOURSELF — drownings last summer.

When concerned citizens noticed that some of the baby animals were struggling to clear the concrete trim that lines each side of the 3-mile loop, they pressed officials at City Hall to remedy the issue.

And people seem pretty stoked with the solution. In a statement released to the media, the animal rights org PETA had this to say:

"PETA thanks the city of Indianapolis for doing the right thing in striving to coexist with local wildlife. These ramps are a responsible and practical way for the city to make a world of difference for each duckling who will be able to escape drowning in the canal."

Indy's local ABC affiliate WRTV has a closer look at the ramps in the clip embedded below.

While video of the critters actually using the inclines remains elusive, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that duck ramps are already a thing in other places.

Like Seattle.

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And Australia.

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And Montreal!

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There's even a #duckramp hashtag on Instagram (because of course there is).

While human guests are the nominal beneficiaries of Indianans' generosity, it's great to see that this mindset also extends to some of the state's most vulnerable animal populations!

Do you have a duck ramp near you? Tell us about it in the comments below!