Eagles Keeping Eggs Warm During Snowstorm Are Crushing Parent Goals

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Well, this is good and inspiring: A pair of bald eagles nesting at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington D.C. kept their eggs safe during snowstorm Stella with cuddles.


Video of the doting parents riding out the winter blast was captured by the DC Eagle Cam, which has been fixed on the duo's perch atop a tulip poplar tree since New Year's Eve.

In the clip embedded below, the male cozies up to his mate in the middle of the night, thereby bringing an extra layer of warmth to their nest.


Dubbed Mr. President and the First Lady, the duo — who have become something of a sensation on social media — are sheltering two eggs, both of which were laid in February.

According to a report from WTOP, they are expected to hatch at the end of March.

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Watch more of the couple videos at YouTube.